Why am I not Receiving Order Updates, Tracking Information or Newsletter Communications?

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If you are not receiving Emails from us when you place an Order, like your initial Receipt, Tracking Information or Newsletter Communications, there could be a few reasons for this.

  1. Please Check your SPAM Folder. While our emails do not Usually go to SPAM if we haven’t Emailed you before it’s a good possibility they end up there if you do not see them in your inbox.
  2. Any and All Microsoft Controlled Email Accounts such as but not limited to Outlook.com, MSN.com, Hotmail.com, Microsoft.com and more… This is something Microsoft has slowly started doing to Small Business Websites since The Covid 19 Pandemic started. More and More of your favorite websites will be blocked from sending Email Communications. Using any other Gmail, Yahoo, or Another Free Email Account Service you will begin receiving our Emails again.
  3. Your Email Provider could have put a temporary block on Our system. Please notify us and we will check on the problem if neither of the two scenarios above describe your problem.