What are my Payment Options?

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  1. We offer a secure online payment option (Visa, Mastercard) through our website. Sorry American Express is not available through this option at the moment. Please see our Direct Payment Option to Pay with American Express.
  2. We offer a Direct Payment option. Choosing Direct Payment at checkout you will have 3 methods you can pay us by.
    1. Zelle Pay – This is integrated in to many US Bank Accounts already. If you have online access with you bank you can check your account to see if it’s already integrated. If it is not or to find out more information about Zelle Pay please visit www.ZellePay.com. Zelle Pay is only for U.S. Customers. If you are outside the U.S. please contact us for additional options 
    2. Online Invoice – If you want an invoice emailed to you please contact us after ordering. You can use Visa, Mastercard & American Express with our Online Invoice.
    3. Wire Transfer – If you would like to make a wire transfer, please complete your order using Direct Payment and contact us to get the needed Wiring Information.
    4. Wallet Funds – Wallet Funds is your account wallet. Funds can be deposited in there by you if you like. We mainly have implemented this feature to provide account credits to customers for combining the shipping of two orders and crediting your account for the secondary shipping costs, when an item is out of stock we couldn’t reach you but still shipped your package because we felt it was taking to long to reach you. (Your package would contain a note about this as well.) Wallet Funds cannot be with drawn, but can be transferred at the Wallet Owners Request to another CannaGeneticsBank.com Account. (Ownership Verification will be required for wallet fund transfers.) View Your Wallet

We apologize but we cannot accept checks, cash and/or money order.

New York  and Illinois only have the Direct Payment options. We cannot accept credit card payments for either state due to a High Occurrence of Fraudulent Transactions in these states. We cannot and will not try to fight our Processor on this.