Terms and Conditions

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We here at CannaGeneticsBank.com have some basic rules, but nothing out of the line and all to protect our customers and us from fraudulent and/or criminal activities.

  1. This website is owned and operated by CannaGeneticsBank.com and it’s direct Owners. We have the right to deny any person service that we so choose for any reason we see fit. At any time we can cancel and refund your order with out notice. We have the right to deny you access to this site for any reason we see fit.

    Denying you access to this site may deny you access to several other Large Cannabis Realted Sites as well. (While we don’t guarantee you will be banned from other websites, we do guarantee you will be banned for specific infractions listed below from these other sites. We will not discuss which sites you will be banned from you’ll just find out when you can no longer visit them.)

  2. All purchases with a Credit Card from this website will need to be using a Valid Billing address. If your bank tells us that the billing address is not valid your order will be canceled, refunded and restocked. This helps us protect you our customers and people who don’t want to be our customers from potential credit card fraud. This one act stops majority of credit card fraud at least for us.

    We may make an exception to this rule for customers who have a long standing with us but if this is one of your first orders, the order will be canceled.

  3. All purchases from New York and Illinois with a credit card cannot be on the site and will need to be dealt with us personally. For some reason Illinois and New York have a high rate of Attempted Fraud for us and requiring you to deal with us stops this fraud from occuring. Potential fraudsters conversations with us always provide the clues we need to stop the Fraud before it happens and to ensure we stay in business this is something we need to do.

    If you have a long standing account with us and live in one of these states please contact us to help make an exception for your account.

  4. Any and all potential and/or actual fraud committed against CannaGeneticsBank.com, its’ owners and customers will be reported to authorities. We will help the autorities in every way possible to stop any and all potential fraud again CannaGeneticsBank.com, it’s owners and customers.

    If you a customer of CannaGeneticsBank.com has had fraud committed against you that you believe is related to a purchase at CannaGeneticsBank.com and do not want us to pursue legal action with autorities we will honor that request once we have verified you are who you say you are. We understand a concern of not wanting the legal authorities involved with your dealings with us.

    If you have been found by us to have commited fraud or attempted to commit fraud you will be banned from CannaGeneticsBank.com permanently, as well as the other websites discussed above. There will be no appealing any fraud or potential fraud with us or these other companies.

  5. If you are found to be hacking, spamming or attempting these actions towards this website, it’s server and/or it’s resources, connections (incoming or outgoing) for any reason you will be banned from this server permanently and all of it’s websites, service and products contained on it’s systems. This includes the websites/servers mentioned above. There will be no appealling a ban for these infractions with us or the other companies.