My Seeds didn’t Germinate!

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While we understand that you spent good money on seeds and you absolutely want to germinate them, but we cannot be help responsible for un-germinated seeds. We are only a middle man. We are not the breeders and we do not package the seeds. We also do not get to decide how these seeds are germinated, how you care for them upon receiving them, or what they have experience through shipping. But we will try to help you.

Before going further we also want to point out, if the seeds are viable looking, no cracks and look like a seed should it’s most likely viable. Germination problems are 95% THE GROWERS FAULT. While you can have poor genetics that don’t grow well this is unlikely. The plants and seeds can only react to the environment provided to them. If you don’t care for your seeds properly and have a scientific approach to your germination, you will kill more seeds then you germinate successfully.

First and foremost if you going to say your seeds didn’t germinate you to have some pictures of dead seeds to send us. Second we will need a full detailed out line on how you tried germinating these. On your behalf we will contact the breeder explaining the situation. If the breeder doesn’t replace them then they will not be replaced.

You may contact the breeder yourself and if you can get the breeder to give you a confirmation to exchange the seeds we will send a new pack out to you upon verification with the breeder.