My order hasn’t arrived/is stuck in the transit, now what?

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Ok so we have a few options for you when this happens.

  1. Your first option is you wait 30 Days from the day the package was shipped. If the package has not arrived we will replace it then.
  2. Your second option is to contact us and have us request a package intercept and have the package sent back to us. Once we receive the package we will replace it. Most of the times when customers use this option the package ends up with them anyways, in which case your package has been delivered and we will not send out a replacement package.
  3. The Third option is for customers who paid with a credit card only. Direct Payment and Invoiced Payment customers cannot be provided this option. We send you a replacement package immediately, and if the original package arrives and the replacement package arrives one of the packages must be returned un-opened. If the package is not returned with in 30 days of being received and/or the package is opened upon us receiving it (minus any damage in shipping) we will charge your card for a second time for the unreturned/opened items.