Is my Personal Information Shared/Sold/Bartered?

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No we do not share any personal information with anyone. We do not sell or trade your information. If you have signed up for our Newsletter you will only receive emails from us about Canna Genetics Bank, It’s Products, Shipments and Orders. We don’t like it when companies feel they have the right to sell our personal information especially when we are paying them for a service or product and that is a moral stance we have taken as a company as well. The only time information is exchanged with an outside company is to process the transaction of your purchase with our bank and with our shipping provider when we are paying for and printing a label.

Under No Circumstances will your personal information be sold, exchanged, bartered or other for any other reason then to complete your purchase and ship your package by Canna Genetics Bank, it’s owners or employees.

You our customers provide more then enough support to Canna Genetics Bank for us to provide for our families and employees. We do not have the need or the greed to want to make money off your sanity, and we want to thank you right here and now for that. Your support and loyalty alone are enough for us to be happy, we just hope you enjoy our product line up and can achieve the same piece of mind from our products that we do.