How to use your Affiliate ID!

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The Affiliate Creatives Tab is where you will find all your Affiliate ID Links and Creatives!

Get my Affiliate ID

As an affiliate your Affiliate ID is your Source of earning revenue. You can find your affiliate ID on the Creatives tab in your Affiliate Account. There are several sections that are useful to you and your marketing strategies here.

In this section you see the most basic way to refer someone to and still receive a commission. Simply copy and paste the URL from your Affiliate Accounts Creative Page, and Paste it into an Email or a Social Media Post, etc.. and once any referral clicks on the link you can begin tracking impressions and purchases through your Affiliate Account.

Our Referral URL Generator allows you to copy the web address for any Product or Page on, Paste this URL in the Referral URL Generator and it will create a properly formatted Affiliate Link you may use to start making referrals.

Click on the name of the Creative you are interested in. The creative will open up to a new page that will allow you to Preview the creative as well as a Properly Formatted HTML Code for you to Copy and Paste in to your own website and/or emails.

So at the moment our Creatives are limited to a basic Text referral to paste into Articles and the like. We will be adding more creatives to this section as time goes on so please ensure to check back weekly.

Canna Genetics Bank Affiliate Referral Link Info

Always double check to ensure any Affiliate Link you share or Provide to a referral is correct. If this link is not correct you will not get the commission for the referral.

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