How long does my referral last to collect commission?

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After the initial click of the link of your Referral to, you will collect commissions on any and all purchases over the next 48 Hours. If the referral make 2 or more purchases within 48 hours you will receive commission on all of these purchases. After 48 hours no more commission can be collected on the referral and new referral would have to be made to continue collection commission(s). The same customer can be referred to us by you more then one time. If a referral has already clicked a link and is within the 48 Hour time limit, clicking a new referral link will not start the 48 hour timer over. The 48 hour timer must finish before a specific user can use another referral link to extend the 48 hour time limit you can receive commissions for.

Using your own referral link to try and collect commissions on your own orders will not have any effect. You are not allowed to collect commissions on your own purchases.

Please Read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions for More Information