Guaranteed Shipping Policy

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All Orders come with a guarantee that your order will be Delivered. For all US based customers we guarantee that your order will reach your mail box delivered. If you package is not delivered for what ever reason it will be replaced. In some instances we may need a new address to deliver to but we will get your order to you Guaranteed!

For all no US customers. What this means is we guarantee that your order will reach and be accepted by customs. We cannot guarantee your order after that, as US Tracking systems show the package delivered once it reaches customs and many countries will not continue to track the package once they have received it. While we have not ever had anyone say they haven’t received our package outside of the US, please understand this is our policy for all orders not being shipped inside the US. If your country does continue tracking the package like Canada and/or Europe based Countries we will try to work with you if you package hasn’t been received within 30 days of the order being picked up by, your Countries Post office.

If you package hasn’t arrived please visit My Package hasn’t arrived now what?

If Customs Seizes your package, we will not replace this. You all are fully aware not a single Country in the entire world allows Cannabis Seeds to pass there borders novelty or not. Orders shipped outside of the United States are knowingly assuming this risk, weather you have read this or not! At this time We have not had a single package Seized ever.

Disclaimer: If you make a Special Order you do not get our Guaranteed Shipping, regardless of your location. By making a special order you are taking on all the liability of having your items seized by customs agents. If your items are seized, we will not refund you.