Getting Paid

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Getting paid is possibly the most important aspect you need to understand in an affiliate marketing relationship. So we want to make it very clear for everyone on what must be done to ensure you are paid once you reach the $100 Minimum threshold each month.

  • Go to your Affiliate Home Page
    • On the Affiliate Home Page Click the Edit Profile Button
  • Once the Edit Profile page has loaded, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and choose weather you will be receiving payment by Paypal or Check.
    • If you are choosing Paypal Transfer to get paid please enter your Paypal email address in the box like the picture below and click the Save Changes Button.
    • If you are choosing Check Payment to get paid please ensure you Profile information on the Profile Page is correct, especially your name and address.

Your Profile is where you will set how we will pay you. At the Moment we only offer Paypal and Check Payments.

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Getting Paid as a CannaGeneticsBank Affiliate

If you payment details are not correct and the money goes to a different address or Paypal account due to error we cannot be held responsible

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