Can you Email me when an Item is back in stock?

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We will not Email any person notifying them that an Item is back in stock, unless you have already paid for it and we are letting you know your item is shipping out. This scenario can occur if something you ordered is not available when we go to package your order.

If you haven’t actually paid for the item yet, (Sorry we do not allow prepayment, in case items are seized at customs) then please visit the Strain in questions Description Page. On the Strains Description page you will find a form to add your email address to. Adding your email address to the form on Out of Stock Items Description Pages will notify you only when the Item Signed Up for becomes available for purchase again. You will not be added to any email list and your email will not be saved once the email notifying your the item your interested in is back in stock.

This is the only way to get notified when an Item become available again.