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TGA – Purgatory


Phenotypes:Ranging from lemon sweet tarts and tangerines to purple berry funk, some with earthy og under tones. Lemon pheno tends to yield more.
Height:Average, slow stretch in flower
Yield:Heavy producer
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor. Does extremely well outdoors, mold resistant
Best way to grow:Top late, this plant grows very thick and heavy so you will want to cage and trellis for best results. This cross loves to be trained into a prefect canopy of tops, so clean bottoms to allow maximum size colas.
Harvest:56-60 days
Hybrid:Hells OG x Querkle
High Type:Very strong, has a couch lock effect and works great for pain relief, intense head lifting high with a body melting feeling.
Taste/Aroma:Sweet lemon funk with a twist of fruity grapes, smells like a tangerine filled with blue berries, earthy og taste that packs a loud punch to your nose.
Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

5 Regular Seeds




Hells OG x Querkle



Flowering Time

56 – 60 Days


Heavy Producer


Hells OG x Querkle
Description by Old E of Mendo Dope

This extremely potent hard hitting cross has a crystal coated diamond shining look that was inherited from the classic Querkle and combined with a strong earthy lemon funk from the Hells OG. This plant grows massive outdoors with thick tree trunk stalks ready to pack on huge buds glistening in trichomes. Producing beautiful light green colas that pack a punch of lemon terpenes. This strain grows vigorously and is easily trainable. The flowers are so sticky that when you touch them your fingers feel like they are stuck with glue. The high is very strong and good for pain relief, great night time use for insomnia. Flowers finish in 56 to 60 days with red and orange hairs surrounded in gooey resign pods.


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