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KOS – Iron Cindy


  • Lineage: Cinderella 99 (m) x Metal Haze
  • Viability: 90%+
  • Recommended Growing Style: TLO (True Living Organics)
  • Yield: Large for 3 out of 4 individuals at least
  • Flowering Time Indoors: 10 weeks
  • Expected Legs: 3 Hours Minimum
Strain Overview
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10 Regular Seeds




Cinderella 99 x Metal Haze

Flowering Time

10 Weeks




Alright breeders out there, as some of you savvy breeders already know this is where the “magic” happens! The F2 generation, when selected for with some actual skills, will usually deliver an array of phenotypes. Now, much like rolling two 6-sided dice, and the probabilities of the resulting rolls being most likely for a total of 7, with declining probabilities going to a 2 (snake eyes) or 12 (boxcars). This is essentially the same curve (bell curve) of possibilities and their guidelines for probability for phenotypes in the F2 generation. So keep that in mind…

I used 2 different females of the F1 Iron Cindy for this cross, as well as one very powerful, large yielding IC male F1s, and the male was a pure blood looking and acting Metal Haze, so he’s a winner huge, in my experience with these lines.

These Iron Cindy F2s will have severe flavors from Cat Pisy to overripe figs with a seriously true “dank” aspect to them. Resin production is a lock (homo) and all offspring will be deadly potent with major resin production; yields should distribute with 75% of the offspring (at least) having very large yields, with some way over the top large, I would seriously think. Legs (length of effect) should be long and very intense, very likely these will cause strong paranoia in those peeps that experience this effect from certain resin profiles. This is a very strong, very intense, almost pure sativa (probably 90%); so be warned! Count on these to all likely triple in size/height from the of flowering until harvest. Some will be less but many will very likely express this kind of sativa-ish stretch.

Germination rates are 90%+ (19 out of 20 for my test).

Cheers and enjoy, choose wisely from these F2s and you can bag yourself basically a one of a kind KILLER, with a ton of selected strong traits homo.



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