KOS – Candyman Haze


  • Lineage: Hybrid F3; Bubble n Squeak (SOG) x Metal Haze
  • Sativa/Indica: 60/40
  • Recommended Growing Style: TLO (True Living Organics)
  • Yield: Large Yielding
  • Flowering Time Indoors: 10 Weeks/70 Days
  • Outdoor Harvesting: Late October early November in Northern Hemisphere.

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Pack Size

10 Regular Seeds





Flowering Time

10 Weeks




This line in its’ F1 hybrid generation is KOS’ Rusty Haze. I have selected this variety leaning/selecting towards the Bubblegum/Skunk side of the hybrid donated by the P1 breeder male, SOG’s Bubble & Squeak. This variety leans heavily (approx 3:2) towards these superior Candyman Haze individual females. I have inbred these two times now, and they are an F3 generation, mostly stable. Some females (approx 1:4) will represent more of the Metal Haze side and these are easily distinguished early in flowering and retain that real cat piss Haze pungent smell along with a more Haze morphology to the plant structure. About 1:4 is a very interesting 50/50 that yields very large, with that real sweet and sour double whammy to smells and flavors. The Candyman Haze individual females will express real Skunk and Bubblegum aspects to smells and flavors, along with a real sharp, almost black licorice background with a distinctive Haze after-bite. Very hearty and deadly potent, one you won’t forget.


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