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Comfort Zone

Breeder: Annunaki Genetics
Pack Size:  12 Regular Seeds
Type: Regular
Lineage: Purple Pleiades #2 x Sour Cyclone

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Not very long ago, we had the good fortune of breeding a superb CBD cultivar: Purple Pleiades. Many of you believed us — and rightly so because it too is one of our top go-to medicines —, and your orders promptly emptied our seed vault of all her seeds. For those that may have missed out on our Purple Pleiades (and those that miss her seeds even more as we do), we present you with her first offspring: COMFORT ZONE.

We’d like to think that Comfort Zone deserves this fanfare because the parents of this cross: Sour Cyclone and the aforementioned Purple Pleiades are phenomenal CBD varieties proudly bred by us. Why phenomenal? Both parents perform impressively in the garden as they are hardy and stable, and have completely different plant and bud structures. In our garden, we find plants on the opposite end of the spectrum can sometimes make the best crosses. We had a great feeling about these two CBD cultivars, and so we introduced them to each other and made it so.

Sure enough, similar to how we described the parents, Comfort Zone seedlings grow up to be strong performers in the garden, are hardy and fully stable, and yield large, dense, and heavy, resin-packed flowers that throw color and provide pleasant aromas.

Potency test results confirmed one phenotype coming in at a 1:2 CBD:THC and another at a 1:3 CBD:THC (THC dominant) ratio which qualifies Comfort Zone as a low-to-medium CBD cannabis variety. This ratio may prove to be just right for many medical patients and processors who are looking to produce a cannabis concentrate with a little CBD content to compliment the THC.
​ So, sit back and relax… take a puff… and enter the Comfort Zone…

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Weight1 oz

Pack Size

12 Regular Seeds




Purple Pleiades #2 x Sour Cyclone


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