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Fast Buds – Pineapple Express Auto


VARIETYIndica / Sativa
YIELDIndoors: 400-600 g/m2 & Outdoors: 50-300 g/plant
GROWSGrows indoors, Grows outdoors
TASTE / FLAVOURFruity, Pineapple, Sweet
EFFECTEuphoric, Happy, Strong


Strain Overview
Weight1 oz


Pineapple Express Auto Flowering

Pack Size

10 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds, 5 Auto Flower Feminized Seeds


Auto Flowering Feminized

THC Content

Very High

CBD Content


Flowering Time

9 weeks


Indoors: 400-600 g/m2 & Outdoors 50-300 g/plant


All aboard the Pineapple Express! This unique combination of spices and flavors, reminiscent of a fine Brandy, is a strain created for those who want the most out of life. Don’t tell the other strains, but this is secretly our best autoflower yet.

Taste & Aroma

Tropical pineapple and fruity.

Pineapple Express Review

Pineapple Express is great for social occasions and laughing with friends. Though, if we had to describe it in a word, we’d call it amorous. Thanks to its high THC levels, and pleasing odors, Pineapple Express’ effects make it excellent to share with a loved one on a special occasion, the perfect strain for an evening of ‘Netflix and chill.’ It also reduces anxiety, increases happiness, and produces a sensation of utter weightlessness. And, it’ll also make you laugh your ass off.

How It Grows

Pineapple Express seeds can grow into monsters both indoor and outdoor. It’s a sativa / indica hybrid with rapid flowering times. It has “Express” in the title for a reason. While growing this plant, you’ll get the impression that you’re at a tropical party on a deserted island, but the Pineapple Express yield is actually larger in colder climates. A bit of a chill will also make this Pineapple Express strain smell much stronger. Full maturation takes roughly 60 days, with a yield of 300 grams per plant (10 oz.) in favorable conditions. These Pineapple Express seeds produce large autoflowering plants, so make sure you have the proper space to account for its beastliness.

With a height of 140 cm (55 inches), we recommend 10 liter pots (3 gallons). This Pineapple Express strain is a nice choice for novice growers looking to improve their skills, since it only needs a little special attention with regards to pH and light. The aroma of this strain isn’t the only thing that resembles a pineapple: growing it develops a profusion of cones and robust dark green leaves. After the first week of flowering, it starts to build up a heavy coat of resin and, by the end of flowering (~63 days thanks to Fast Buds’ autoflower genetics), will cover the entire plant, giving the impression of a snow-covered pineapple.

We achieved a potent composition of around 20% THC and 0.9% CBD. For sale now, enjoy your trip!

1 review for Fast Buds – Pineapple Express Auto

  1. william jackson (verified owner)

    Huge plants! Like really big I had one 5 feet tall shortest one was 3ft tall. Two yielded over 170grams! Super fruity taste on most but one gassy pheno. Thc level was good but not nearly as high as some other fastbuds strains. Nugs were fluffy to dense on most but one pheno that flowered last had really dense buds. Going to give this another run

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