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Dynasty Genetics – Starduster


  • Strain Name: Starduster
  • Breeder: Professor P (Dynasty Genetics)
  • Sativa/Indica ratio: Sativa Dominant
Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

12 Regular Seeds




Sour Diesel x Ms.Universe


Sativa Dominant



Strain Name:



Dynasty Genetics

Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc

  • Stabilized Polyhybrid


Sour Diesel x Ms.Universe

Parental Information


The mother [east coast] Sour Diesel clone is a pre99 cut that has been proven year after year indoors and out. We re-worked this clone back to seed in order to maintain the desirable quality, taste, smell and vigor.



The dad of this strain is our highly coveted Ms.Universe #10 male, which increases trichome coverage on every strain he has come in contact with.



Indica/Sativa %

Sativa Dominant

Feminized Seeds?


Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:


# of Phenotypes? 5


Describe each phenotype expression:


Pheno #1/A; Cherry diesel pheno, dense bud structure, heavy yields


Pheno #2/B; Ms.Universe dominant, sweet fruit/vanilla smell, dense buds and fastest bloom time.


Pheno #3 /C; Best bud to leaf ratio makes for the easiest trimming. Sweet creamy smells with undertones of fruit and fuel.


Pheno #4/D; Sour Diesel dominant pheno that is closest in resemblance to the mother. Most stretch.


Pheno #5/E; 50/50 pheno that is one of the larger plants in the gene pool. Fuel, haze and fruit. Colorful fades to this lady.


Stretch: 1-2x


Resin Profile: most plants are heavily coated with resin


Odour Score: 7


Odour Description:

pineapple/hashy /haze/huckleberry/carmel

Flavour Score:


Flavour Description:

Blueberry, huckleberry, pineapple, haze, hash

High Type:  Creative, clear thought provoking buzz followed by a euphoric full body sensation. Great strain for functional pain relief.

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