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Dynasty Genetics – Blue Heron V2


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Strain Name:

Blue Heron


Dynasty Seeds

Indica/Sativa %

Indica Dominant

Feminized Seeds?


Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor

Bloom Length:


# of Phenotypes?


Describe each phenotype expression:

All phenos will have resemblance to the Blue Magoo, with some plants being more standout than others. All plats I’ve come across have good potency, smell , appearance and stability… By Far, this is the closest I’ve come to making the BLue Magoo in seed form thus far.

Pheno#1-(25%)- THis one has the most stretch to her, but reminds me very much like the mother in all other facets (dark in color, blueberry/huckleberry/rose/lemony smells)..

Pheno #2-(50%) Green with purple hues, stocky and most berry smelling out of the gene pool.

Pheno#3-(25%)- similar to #1, but shorter and even darker purple.. All other traits are almost identical to pheno#1..



Resin Profile:

Copious Resin

Odour Score:


Odour Description:

blueberry, rose, lemon/citrus

Flavour Score:


Flavour Description:

blueberry, citrus with light floral after tones

Potency Score:


High Type:

well rounded mind/body

SKU: DG-BHV212 Category: Tags: , ,
Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

12 Regular Seeds




Blue Magoo x Blue Magoo/Huckleberry 2011


Indica Dominant

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks



Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc

  • Stabilized Polyhybrid


Blue Magoo x Blue Magoo/Huckleberry 2011

Parental Information

Mom- The Blue Magoo is an elite clone from Oregon that’s been around since the 90s.. Her lineage is Blueberry x MajorLeagueBud(williams wonder f2)… Berry, Roses and smells of incense permeate the area when this beauty is around..

Dad-The father that was selected for this strain is a Blue Magoo/Huckleberry 2011, which is similar to the male of the Mt.Hood Huckleberry but more refined… Although the is Huckleberry dominant by appearance, His recessive traits lean heavily toward the Blue Magoo which has made the Blue Heron an instant keeper in our medical community.



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