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CGF – Original Afghan #1


BREEDER: Canna Genetics Farm
GENETICS: Original Afghan #1
PACK SIZE: 10 Regular Seeds
TYPE: Regular

Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

10 Regular Seeds




Original Afghan #1


100% Indica

Flowering Time

6 – 7 weeks


Original Afghani #1 by Canna Genetics Farm, is a regular photoperiod Landrace Strain. Being pure Indica she is a dream for breeders to bring into there next breeding project. Original Afghani #1 was introduced to the world back in the 1970s. It is a traditional land-race cannabis and an early example of a stable, true-breeding indica that has since been used in breeding projects by some of the worlds most renowned breeders.

This indica is a hardy plant that is well-known for producing dense, resinous buds that are excellent for the production of traditional hashish. In the last 4 decades or more it has become acclimatised to growing outdoors in the USA and in Europe by highly selective breeding which successfully fixed more favourable traits such as resin production and early flowering. Vigorous in vegetative growth it remains a squat plant with a very strong stem that protects it against the wind. It has a very strong, rich aroma which is quite unmistakable.

1 review for CGF – Original Afghan #1

  1. mkespace (verified owner)

    I’m not real impressed with this strain. I planted six seeds and only three germed. Of those three, two were males and I’m not convinced that the female is an indica because she has very skinny leaves. Flowering started a couple of weeks ago, so we’ll see how things turn out, but I’m unlikely to grow this strain again,

    • Canna Genetics Bank

      We sorry to hear you don’t like our Afghan #1 before you even tried or have actually fully grown it. To try and determine how well a plant well be for you before fully growing it and trying the results is much like judging a book by its cover. You can speculate but won’t really know what’s it’s about until you actually read it. I can think of several reason why an Indica may have smaller skinnier leaves, 1 that’s just how the strain is, 2 the plant is being stressed out especially when heat is an issue, or the plant is becoming root bound. Even Sativa’s can have fairly large leaves that one wouldn’t call skinny. Skinny leaves are a sign of stress, and we would recommend checking your growing conditions. How did you germinate your seeds? If directly into soil this could be your problem especially if anything in your growing conditions are off. If soil is to wet or dry, to nutrient rich, to compact will all cause problems with germination. Our recommendations for germination are the paper towel method. It’ easily controlled and we almost always see 100% germination this way. Hope some of this helps you find the cause of the issue.

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