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Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha


Gender: Feminized seeds
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha seeds are feminized seeds that only produce female plants.
Type: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha is suitable for growing: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse.
Genetics: Sativa 80% Indica 20%
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha contains the following genes: Sativa 80% Indica 20%.
High: Strong up high
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha gives a ’Strong up high’ effect.
Flowering: 70 – 80 days
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha flowers for about 70 – 80 days.
Height: 100 – 120 cm
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha grows into about 100 – 120 cm plants.
Yield: + 600 gm per m2
The yield of Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha is about + 600 gm per m2.
Prizes: Third prize
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha won the third prize at the cannabis cup.
Medical: High THC / Low CBD
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha is a strain with high THC and low CBD strength.
Climate : Temperate and Hot
Barneys Farm – Laughing Buddha is suitable for the following climates: Temperate and Hot.

Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

10 Feminized




Thai x Jamaican



Flowering Time

70 – 80 Days


+600 g/m2


Great reward comes from the longer flowering period this popular and award winning sativa requires.
The payoff is large, tight, heavy buds.
The plant needs to be well supported in the last three weeks of flowering.

This is a fragrant plant, with concentrated aromas of exotic fruits and sweet flavors. an energetic, upbeat high. A state-of-the-art Sativa hybrid.

Laughing Buddha is an almost pure Sativa strain, created by crossing our pure landrace Thai Sativa with our Jamaican Hybrid. This plant has a longer flowering period, but will reward you with large, tight and heavy buds from a one metre tall plant. It will need to be supported in the last three weeks of flowering. It is a beautifully fragrant plant, giving off concentrated sweet aromas of exotic fruits. The results are an energetic Sativa high.


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