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Annunaki Genetics – Sweet Blue Lilac


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Sweet Blue Lilac

Breeder: Annunaki Genetics
Pack Size:  12 Regular Seeds
Type: Regular
Lineage:Blue Dream x Huckleberry Soda

SKU: AG-SBL12 Category: Tags: ,
Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

12 Regular Seeds




Blue Dream x Huckleberry Soda


Sweet Blue Lilac is a remarkable cross of our long-held Blue Dream and our Huckleberry Soda garden stud. For Dream lovers, all phenotypes of this cross exhibit the mother’s overall growth structure, leaf shape, bud appearance, and aroma. The more sativa leaning phenos are incredibly vigorous, and will outgrow most cultivars in any garden. The indica inclined pheno grows into a compact bushy structure. However, all phenos display blue-hued buds with lightly colored pistils that give the observer an unimpeded view of spectacular buds splattered with a rich fuchsia theme that once dried and cured, turn lilac. The choice of lilac for a name also refers to the fragrance of such complexity that these flowers emit during the flowering cycle. At first, one shall experience an appetizing sweet melon aroma around Week 4, which quickly evolves into a panoply of equally delectable odors such as blueberry, grape, and numerous floral fragrances with a slight acetone nuance. At flowering peak, the overall scent recalls lilacs in full bloom, which we find simply divine. Additionally, all phenotypes produce heavy yields with an abundance of trichomes. If one desires a true blueberry aroma, this is the strain– blueberry fruit can only aspire to smell this nice!

With the intense aroma of the Blue Dream mother and the color splashes from the Huckleberry Soda father, we think that you shall, indeed, be very pleased with our Sweet Blue Lilac.

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