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Annunaki Genetics – Cream Soda


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Cream Soda

Breeder: Annunaki Genetics
Pack Size:  12 Regular Seeds
Type: Regular
Lineage: Cookies & Cream x Huckleberry Soda

SKU: AG-CS12 Category: Tags: ,
Strain Overview
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

12 Regular Seeds




Cookies & Cream x Huckleberry Soda


Cream Soda is another seed variety from our ‘Soda Series’.

The maternal parent of this cross is a cup-winning cut of Exotic Genetix Cookies & Cream, which we’ve been running for 3+ years now. There are resin rails for days and the mature flowers have an overall white appearance because of the outright density of the trichomes come harvest time. The aroma is impressively just like the name represents… cookies with extra cream! This plant has remarkably thick branches, but not many of them, even when topped early-on.

Our hope in this cross was to give the cookies and cream more abundant branching. Some added purples, pinks, and reds never hurts either. When we pop these seeds ourselves we will also be looking to find those phenos that express the perfect shared terpene profile of black cherry/berries & cream. Expect solid buds on tremendously strong statured plants. Great yield. These have not yet been tested by Annunaki Genetics.


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