HSO – Lost Coast Skunk Auto

Lost Coast Skunk Auto by Humboldt Seeds

Lost Coast Skunk Auto is a cross of Humboldt Seeds Organization’s Lost Coast Skunk with an auto-flowering Ruderalis plant. It is 80% indica with a seed-to-harvest time of under 10 weeks.

Lost Coast Skunk Auto is a very adaptable and stable plant that is able to grow almost anywhere except for the most extreme conditions. It is a marijuana strain that is very easy regarding growing skills and techniques – none are needed beyond the essentials such as growing medium, water and nutrients. Indoors its small profile allows cultivation in the smallest spaces while outdoors it can be regarded as a stealthy option where there might be prying eyes.

This strain grows to a height of between 60 – 100 cm. 30 – 60 gr/plant in a total grow-time of 60 – 65 days from germination. Outdoors in warm climates (Mediterranean) it should be possible to harvest three consecutive crops in one growing season especially if they are started off indoors first before being moved outdoors into the sun.

This plant is characterised by its intense, fresh lemon smell with notes of incense. Its flavour resolves into typical Skunk with notes of sandalwood and spice. THC production is 11% – 14% with low CBD at 0.1%. Its efect is both strong and long-lasting and achieves a nice balance between the physical and the cerebral.

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