Strain of the Hour – DNA Genetics Chocolope Kush

As a woman who enjoys her juices with a side of kush, I was happy when we first got Chocolope Kush here at Canna Genetics Bank. I have always been a huge fan of the strain, thanks to a few raves I have attended. The High Chocolope Kush provides, was unique and unexpected, but has been consistent every time. My first few deep hits, I immediately felt relaxed and as if my worries had melted away. At the same time, I treasured every muffin I could devour on sight, and ended up munching away on everything, with a silly grin on my face the entire time.

The beautiful thing about Chocolope Kush is that it is a strong indica- especially for first time smokers, it has a true indica Type of high nice and relaxing with a touch of couch lock. The reason I Love indicas is the relaxation you receive after a bad day or even with small problems going on. Chocolope Kush has the beauty of a chocolate aftertaste, so you don’t feel like you immediately need to wash yourself or change clothing. I love to pair this strain with a bite of chocolate on the side, thanks to its natural aroma.

The most common reactions to this strain include the following: relaxation, euphoria, sleepy, hungry and creative. It is not uncommon to feel “inspired” or creative before the body high onset occurs, thanks to its touch of sativa. The most common reactions are relaxation and euphoria, so expect to have a great day of simple pleasures and ease. However, the major consequence is a dry mouth. When this occurred for me, I would either drink water or eat moist foods. This does the trick, but also be aware you might have dry eyes as well, so keep the drops somewhere close.

As for my own experiences, I like to smoke Chocolope Kush when I am in the mood to chill out and enjoy my surroundings- this is why it was my go-to indica at raves. Typically, I paired off my hits with a food that had chocolate, to experience the most out of the strain. From there, I would be relaxed for the rest of the day. On rave days, I would experience the music at a much higher level, listening to the beats and the lyrics as I pictured the song in my own setting. On days without music, I would instead enjoy the outdoors, or even relax inside while smiling. No matter what you choose, Chocolope Kush gives better vibes than chocolate on its best day.

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