Growing Cannabis 101

So, you want to build your own cannabis dream huh? First thing’s first- make sure what you are going to do is allowed. If it’s not allowed make sure you KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES of your ACTIONS before actually committing yourself to those actions. Being ignorant of the consequences to your actions is not a reason for any Legal System to take it easy on you, and is truly one of the most ignorant thing one can do, especially dealing with Cannabis Laws. Don’t get me wrong: we will not stop you from producing, but realize that while a about a quarter of United States and many Countries around the World are legalizing Cannabis, please ensure you are following the law as closely as you can. Now, after this disclaimer, we will assist you in all your cannabis growing needs.
One of the most important first steps to take with marijuana growth is the vision- what kind of strains (plants) do you want? Are you a fan of relaxation, or do you enjoy being hype? If you like to chill out and experience a high that is felt throughout your limbs, take a chance on indica. Indicas, by nature, are mood relaxers and will seduce you into a chill, laidback attitude. On the other hand, if you’re looking to have a good time and laugh your night away, look no further than to a sativa. Sativas are the perfect party and rave strain, thanks to its capability of making you upbeat, lively and smiley. You can even combine the two, and smoke a hybrid. However, for the purpose of growth, stick to one strain and then read the rest to get a simple picture.
Growing marijuana might seem like a dream job to some, but in all aspects, it is a tedious task to fulfill. While some growers will give you a generalized look at the production process, the truth is the growth of a cannabis plant is dependent on the strain itself. Some can take several weeks- other can take up to months, which is not always ideal for a producer. In other cases, months to nurture a plant means it is the ideal plant and perfect. Sometimes, the grower wants to have the plants to grow naturally, which allows for a greenhouse atmosphere; however, depending on the area the person lives in, this can’t happen. In these circumstances, it is best to grow the plants indoors, which then requires heat and light control, adding in the costs of air conditioning and lighting.
Probably the most complicated step about growing marijuana and cannabis altogether is its growth cycles. Comprehend the cycles and you will be better off in the long run. In the germination stage, the seedlings will need far less light, nutrients and water. Your young plants are delicate and over watering can kill a young plant easily. Humidity should be in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s depending on the temperature of your room. This is the most important stage, since it lays down the initial root system, I cannot stress enough the healthier the root system the healthier, more potent and larger yielding the plant will be. From here, you will begin to regulate the light cycles during the vegetative stage, increasing its growth and getting it prepped for flowering. While it is maturing, monitor its heat, light and water intake. This is a temperamental stage, where everything must be perfect for maximum yield and potency. Each strain will be different in it’s needs during flowering so different strains will need different amounts of lighting, water and nutrients for the best yields. To much and to little of any of these and your yields can take a serious dive.
Since the Flowering Stage is really what we all are waiting for in the first place let me give a little bit more of proper technique. Your plants should have been sexed before sticking them in to flowering unless you absolutely have no choice other wise, and even then saying you had no choice but to put them into flower early is an excuse and a sign of impatience. Impatience is the growers killer. Plants take time to grow just like You, and I. Let them have there chance to grow and they will reward you, so much more so that being impatient could bring your Possible 1lb. yield down to a 1/4 lb. Impatience can make you loose 100% of your yield. Patience is the key to growing cannabis that you can smell through the smell proof container, the type of cannabis that has so much flavor you can taste it well after smoking it. Finally, make sure you do not harvest too early- allow for your plants to enough time to fill out, and produce the trichomes heads you have worked all this time for. If you chop your girls to early you will loose out on a tremendous amount of yield and potency.
Check us out next week when we discuss Germination in depth!

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